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Halloween is around the corner and everyone is excited to get new and unique costumes for this year's celebration. Grown up children often have their own ideas on how to dress up for Halloween, but it can be a little tricky job to come up with good and comfortable costumes for your toddler.

There are few factors that have to be considered while selecting a costume for toddlers like their safety, comfort and easiness. If you have a costume in mind, that is brilliant, but if you don't have an idea yet, here are some cool ones!

Animal Costumes

When it comes down to deciding a costume for toddlers, animal costumes always gets the first preference, because toddlers are quite fascinated by the animals. There are plenty of options in this segment; for example, you can dress up your baby as a puppy, kitten, lion, tiger, elephant, monkey or even bear. These costumes are beautiful and adorable; as these are the common costumes, they can be found easily in any local costume store. If you intend to save money this Halloween, making such outfits at home might not be a bad idea either.

Fairytale Characters

The characters from story books and fairytale interest almost every child. Then, why not dress up your toddler in a story book character. Snow white costume, a fairy princess and many other similar choices might fall your way.

Superhero at Rescue

Those who wish that their cute little boys get the limelight can dress them up in a superhero costume. Superman, Batman, and Spiderman are the perfect costume options. You can also consider the star wars costume. These costumes will make your baby look cuter than ever, and it'll certainly fascinate them at the same time.

Home made Costumes

If you are trying to save money, then one best option can be dressing up your toddler as a ghost or any such character from television. Such costumes can be made easily at home without much effort. For the costume, you just need a sweat outfit and little bit of paint, but make sure that you don't come up with something scary and horrifying as little kids get scared easy halloween costumes for boys. So, keep it low and good.

Cartoon Characters

Another good option is to dress up your little girl as mini mouse or tinker bell. This will definitely get your girl a lot of "OMG so pretty" and "oh so cute baby" comments.

Dress Her Up as Butterfly!

You can also consider dressing up your toddler girl as a butterfly or a lady bug. Those who want to go for cartoon character costumes for their little boys can opt for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other similar outfits.

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