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Gap Outlet: $25 off $75 purchase, printable or mobile coupon

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Saturday, March 29, 2014
Posted by Adam Edelstein

Razer's Student Discount Shaves 20 Percent Off 2013 Blade Gaming Laptops

A sweet deal for students

Razer gave thin and light gaming a major kick in the pants when it introduced its Blade laptop last year. It earned a 9 verdict (and our respect) in our review of the $2,000 model, which offered up impressive gaming performance in a package measuring just 13.6 inches by 9.3 inches by 0.66 inches (that's 0.05 inches thinner than a dime when you stand it up) and weighing 4.1 pounds. This year's refresh upgrades the 14-inch QHD+ territory (3200x1800), so what do you do with 'old' models? Apparently you try offloading them on students for a 20 percent Promotional Code.

For a limited time, K-12 and higher education students can receive a discount code good for 20 percent off the purchase of one Razer Blade 2013 laptop. The code doesn't apply to the Pro model, nor does it work with the 2014 model Razer Blades.

Last year's Razer Blade laptops start at $1,800 and include a 14-inch display with a 1600x900 resolution, Intel Core i7 4702HQ processor, 8GB of DDR3L-1600 memory, Nvidia GeForce GTX 765M graphics, 128GB hard drive, 1.3MP webcam, built-in stereo speakers, backlit anti-ghosting keyboard, three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI output, Killer Wireless-N 1202 (802.11n + Bluetooth 4.0), 70Wh battery, and Windows 8.1 64-bit.

There's also a $2,000 model with a 256GB SSD and a $2,300 SKU with a 512GB SSD. The 20 percent discount should work with any of the three configurations.

If you're interested, you can register for your discount code on Razer's website.

Thursday, March 27, 2014
Posted by Adam Edelstein

New developments in case of injured League of Legends player

Cheon "Promise" Min-ki, a Korean League of Legends player who attempted suicide by leaping out of a 12th story window, was moved to a general ward yesterday after a remarkable recovery. This is according to a report from the Twitter user @insideKLoL, who was one of the very first people to report the incident:
According to his friend ReSEt, Promise moved to a general ward as his condition had improved considerably.
- insideKLoL (@insideKLoL) March 17, 2014
Min-ki was admitted to the hospital on March 12 with multiple fractures and internal bleeding after he landed in a recycling bin. He remained in critical condition until recently. A charity event was started by Inven, a Korean e-sports association. The League of Legends community raised over $20,000 for Min-ki's medical bills in its first day (check out our coverage of that here).
Min-ki left a suicide note that outlined an elaborate scam orchestrated by his team's manager, Noh Dae Chul. Chul allegedly bet against his team and forced Min-ki and his teammates to intentionally lose professional League of Legends matches. Min-ki also alleges that Chul stole prize money, sold off the team's computers and evicted them ( here is our detailed report of the initial incident).
This prompted an investigation by KeSPA, Korea's state-run e-sports association. KeSPA released its findings yesterday. The original report can be found here and a full translation can be found on reddit league of">Reddit
. The report backs up most of Min-ki's allegations. KeSPA interviewed Casper, Hoon, Trace, and Actscene (Min-ki's teammates' League of Legends code names), and they vouched for Min-ki.
The report translation notes that Chul told his players "OGN (OnGameNet, Korea's e-sports television network) has a tradition of receiving money from big company teams that join the league as an "Advertisement fee. However, because our company is from Taiwan, the company couldn't understand and refused to pay. When I told OGN that AHQ (the team's Taiwanese sponsor) does not want to pay, OGN said if you cannot pay the fee, you must lose the game against the big company teams."

Various details of the thrown games are shared in the statement.
The only two parts of Min-ki's account that KeSPA deemed inaccurate were as follows:
  • Min-ki stated that his team had given up first blood (the first kill for either side in a League of Legends match) in each thrown game. Review of the OnGameNet footage showed that this wasn't true.
  • Min-ki indicated that Actscene was also participating in the throwing of games, but KeSPA found that, while Actscene had agreed to the fix before the matches, he didn't actually go through with it in the games.
A spokesman for KeSPA said that the organization has filed a lawsuit against Chul, and the findings of this report will be used as evidence in the case against him. No criminal charges have been filed at this point, but the lawsuit could have a serious impact on whether or not criminal charges are filed at a later date. Chul has not been found yet.
The spokesman also mentioned that KeSPA will be monitoring its teams more closely to make sure that something like this doesn't happen again.
To donate to the fundraiser for Min-ki, go here.
Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Posted by Adam Edelstein

GDC 2014: 'Sneaky Sneaky', a Stealth-based, Puzzle-filled Dungeon Crawler

GDC has officially kicked off for us at TouchArcade, and one of the first games we've seen is Naiad Entertainment's Sneaky Sneaky. It's something of a dungeon crawler with stealth elements, as well as some light puzzle solving and enemy battles. Here's a video where Naiad explains the game by going through a few demo levels they built just for GDC.

The demo I was shown of Sneaky Sneaky was quite cool, and it sounds like Naiad has a lot more content planned for it, including implementing some more RPG type elements. They're shooting for a summer release, so we'll keep tabs on its development and let you know when it's available.

Monday, March 17, 2014
Posted by Adam Edelstein

What New Jersey's Tesla Motors Sales Ban Means for Motorists

Efforts to expand Tesla Motors sales were dealt a blow this week when New Jersey officials decided to ban the premium electric car manufacturer from selling directly to consumers.

Tesla is now forced to sell through independent franchise dealerships like mainstream automakers, essentially barring all sales in the state for now. But the loss or benefit to consumers has been lost in finger-pointing between Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the administration of Gov. Chris Christie.

The bulk of new car sales in the United States go through independently owned dealerships, which act as a middle man between the big manufacturers and the consumer. Most states have regulations restricting direct sales, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), though New Jersey is now one of the few that ban the practice outright.

The relatively tiny Tesla pursued a different model. Tesla "stores" are small, sometimes fitting inside a shopping mall, with only a handful of cars. Buyers order their cars direct from the factory and have maintenance performed at regional service centers. The strategy keeps overhead costs down for Tesla. But as Karl Brauer of Kelley Blue Book explained, it is not necessarily a benefit to the consumer.

"The current franchise system helps maintain consistent selling practices for dealers while it contributes to the local economies, so there are definite upsides to the franchise system," he told ABC News.

"However, a direct-to-buyer system would allow manufacturers greater control over the entire process while making it more efficient, meaning automakers wouldn't just design, engineer and price the cars but also control the sales atmosphere and the specific transaction pricing," Brauer added.

In theory this could reduce sticker prices Promo Codes vehicles, Brauer noted, but it is equally likely a manufacturer would simply pocket the difference.

"Neither system is necessarily better than the other. They just have different upsides and downsides," he said.

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For roughly a year, Tesla has operated two stores in New Jersey that will likely be forced to close when the decision takes effect April 1. Company officials raged against the ruling and in a blog post accused Christie, whose office is under a high-profile investigation for alleged abuses of power, of using his state's Motor Vehicle Commission as another political cudgel and yielding to the powerful car dealers lobby in the Garden State. Tesla also accused the administration of reneging on a previous agreement to delay the ruling until the state legislature could address the debate publicly.

Christie's office has largely distanced itself from the issue, however, only stating that Tesla saw the decision coming and motor vehicle officials were strengthening existing law.

Neither Tesla nor Gov. Christie's office responded to requests for comment by ABC News.

But the leader of the car dealers lobby said the debate is not purely about protecting auto dealers' livelihoods, but consumer protection as well.

Jim Appleton, president of the New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers, said in an interview with ABC News that warranty and safety recall issues would place manufacturer-owned lots in a conflict of interest.

"The fox is in charge of the chicken coop [in a direct-to-buyer model]. The manufacturers sees a warranty as headache and expense, while a retailer sees the warranty and safety recall claims as an opportunity," he said, pointing out that since dealers gets paid by manufacturers to service warranties and recalls they have a natural incentive to report them.

RELATED: GM Rebuts Claim that 303 People Died in Recalled Cars

Appleton pointed to the recent scandal involving General Motors recalls as evidence that manufacturers could not be trusted to run large lots. As for the potential savings from the distribution model, he argued that even if Tesla or other manufacturers attempted to lower sticker prices, the difference would be negligible.

"They talk about eliminating the middle man but they don't eliminate the middle cost," he said. "They have the expense of employees, the expense of advertising. The cost of retailing is the cost of retailing."

New Jersey is a booming luxury car market and its Newark-Elizabeth seaport, the largest in the US, imported and exported up to 700,000 vehicles in 2012, according to the Port Authority.

So where do the big manufacturers, who also hold a big interest in this debate, stand? They've been relatively mum. Kelley Blue Book's Brauer said it's because for them, this fight is a win-win scenario.

"If Tesla is successful at changing these laws, it will encourage the big automakers to consider following Tesla's lead," Brauer said. "Of course, the dealers, the NADA and their lobbyists all know this, which is why they will fight to keep the current laws in place. If Tesla is forced to follow conventional retailing practices, which means using a local dealer to sell its cars, that will cut into Tesla's control and cost structure, making it more difficult for the fledgling automaker to succeed. In either scenario there's an upside for conventional automakers, so this is really a no-lose situation of them. They can just sit back and enjoy the show."

The split between Tesla's popularity and the entrenched dealership model means neither side may win outright, however.

"It would take a lot of time and a lot of dedicated money from Tesla to break through that system, and I don't see Tesla expending those resources," Brauer added. "We'll likely see a compromise situation where Tesla will get some very limited latitude to continue operating the stores [Musk has] already opened while also requiring him to work with NADA on future stores."

Friday, March 14, 2014
Posted by Adam Edelstein

NC, Cong strike alliance deal, will announce today

<Best Dealsp>The ruling National Conference (NC) and the Congress in Jammu and Kashmir have forged an electoral alliance for the Lok Sabha polls. A formal announcement is likely to be made on Saturday.

While the NC will be contesting from all the three seats in the valley, the Congress will take on the BJP in the two seats in Jammu and one in Ladakh.

"Yes, we have formed a pre-poll alliance," state Congress chief Saifuddin Soz told HT, adding that the decision was taken in a meeting held by the high command in Delhi.

The meeting, headed by Sonia Gandhi, was attended by Union ministers Ambika Soni, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Ahmad Patel and M L Fotedar, among others.

While the NC has repeated Farooq Abdullah from Srinagar, Mehboob Beg from Anantnag and Sharief Din Shariq from Baramulla, the Congress is likely to repeat Madan Lal Sharma from Jammu and Chowdhary Lal Singh from Udhampur.

Also, a Congress candidate will contest from the Ladakh Lok Sabha seat with the support of the NC. That will split the six Lok Sabha seats from the state equally between the two alliance partners.

While National conference wanted an alliance due to the inroads made by the PDP and the BJP in the Valley and in Jammu, respectively, a certain section of the Congress leaders wanted to contest from the Valley as well.

"We should have gotten at least one seat in the Valley, the Jammu region seats seem difficult as the BJP is very strong there,'' one of the Congress leaders said on condition of anonymity. Sources said state Congress leaders wanted to contest from two Jammu seats and from Baramulla in the valley.

bjd ties up with jmm

Though Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik had refused tie-up with Left parties for 2014 polls, he has entered into a seat sharing agreement with a relatively smaller party, Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM).

Patnaik announced the arrangement on Friday after meeting JMM's Odisha president Sudam Marandi.

JMM has a presence in two tribal districts of Odisha, Mayurbhanj and Sundergarh, which together have 16 assembly and two Lok Sabha seats.

"The alliance with the Biju Janata Dal will help us ushering in development in both the backward districts," Marandi said.

BJD vice president and panchayati raj minister Kalpataru Das said both the parties would be working out seat adjustment in few constituencies of both the districts.

Sunday, March 9, 2014
Posted by Adam Edelstein

Famous Smoke Shop Releases New Cigar Promo Codes

Famous Smoke Shop is the Internet's leading online distributor of discounted premium cigars. The company has currently launched a new slate of cigar Printable Coupons codes to help save customers money when they buy from Famous Smoke Shop.

Easton, PA (PRWEB) March 03, 2014

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Each order allows customers an opportunity to receive instant cash back of bonus items and every order may be able to include a coupon. This allows customers to customize their orders and get more for the money they spend.

Since the coupons were released, there has been a big splash at Famous Smoke Shop by customers rushing to take advantage of the deals. All of these deals and coupons are available not only on the web but through phone orders as well. People interested in learning more about Famous Smoke Shop's cigar promo codes can call 1-800-564-2486 or log on to Customers should be advised that restrictions may apply on particular items. Full restrictions can be easily viewed on the company's website.

About Famous Smoke Shop
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For the original version on PRWeb visit:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Posted by Adam Edelstein

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Saturday, March 1, 2014
Posted by Adam Edelstein

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