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  1. Got a minute?
    Our website had undergone a recent "Negative SEO" attack that prompted a Google penalty. While we are unsure whether or not the links on your website were a result of that we are now in the process of removing any backlinks that we aren't directly aware of. It seems that some of these links can be found on your website ( will be able to find the links that we are referring to here:
    If you don't mind can you remove all of the links pointed to from those pages mentioned above?I'd really appreciate it and it would help us when we talk with Google's representatives soon.Thanks!

  2. Webmaster,

    I am compelled to apologize to you for potentially involving you in a Google Terms of Service violation.
    I believe that my manipulative SEO tactics might cause Google to classify the backlinks to as breaching their guidelines.
    The backlinks in question can be found at:

    I hope that if you act immediately and remove these backlinks, you will not be penalized with a ToS violation.
    Thank you for your help, and I would be glad to provide clarification or assistance in this matter.
    I would also ask that you please alert me once you have deleted the backlinks from your site.

    Thank you so much and I hope you can accept my deepest apologies.

  3. Webmaster:

    It has come to our attention that the backlinks to (listed below) have contributed to the "Unnatural Link Warning" issued by Google to our site.

    Therefore, we ask you to delete those backlinks so that we can advance to the next step involved in resolving this “Unnatural Link Warning".
    It is our understanding that a Google representative will be revisiting all of the existing backlinks soon, so it is imperative that you remove the presently alarming backlinks to on your website.

    Thanks for your understanding and for acting without delay.


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