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Back when the iPhone 5 first came out, there were a surprising number of reports of people whose iPhones suddenly bent themselves. This did not seem to be an issue with accidental damage en masse: most of the people who reported the issue noted that their iPhones bent back at the volume button, and hadn't been kept in a back pocket or sat on.

It seems with the iPhone 5s, this mysterious predilection towards bending has returned.

Over at French site, our good friend Steve Hemmerstoffer points out that bent iPhone 5s devices already seem to be popping up. And boy, are they bent.

On one hand, you'd expect for the iPhone 5s - which shares the same chassis as the iPhone 5 - to have the same structural issues as its predecessor. But this is a big structural fault to leave unfixed between two generations. Even if you do keep your iPhone in your back pocket and sit on it regularly, an iPhone made out of metal and glass folding in on itself like a bent boner is an engineering issue.

Has your iPhone 5s bent in your pocket since you purchased it? Let us know in the comments.

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